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Wiki FAQ

What is this wiki about?

This wiki is designed with the intention of documenting operating systems, internet browsing, and other utilities & oddities on various devices, versions/revisions of video game consoles, and sources of similar information. For years, we have seen hobbyists and organizations run such peculiar things on a large realm of devices, and yet no clear compendium of these efforts has been made. The EOP wiki aims to alleviate this problem by documenting these examples, while also citing the source of these efforts.

The term “EOP” is simply an abbreviation for “Esoteric Operating Programs”, the term we came up with to describe operating systems/browsers/etc. running on various devices.

To give 2 examples of what we document, the port of NetBSD to the Sega Dreamcast, or the port of Android to the Texas Instruments nSpire CX are two “EOPs” that excellently demonstrate the wiki's purpose.

Alongside the primary purpose of this wiki, io55 also pursues or will pursue secondary actions related to the things we cover. Of these actions, they include archiving and preserving covered programs (both on and on our local server), documenting programs with images and videos (on future YouTube & Odysee channels), and creating new programs for the many devices we take interest in.

More information about these secondary actions are to arrive in the future!

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What is an EOP anyway?

A short description of what “EOP” means is available on this very page under the first heading.

Affiliated Sites

Being a documentation website, we find it's important to also show appreciation to others that share similar goals. Check them out! Current sites that are working with io55 include:

More to come!

Other Great Sites

We aren't officially affiliated with these pages, but the team at io55 thinks they're great just the same!

Gametrog's Console Info

/r/PBSOD on reddit

RetroRGB's system info

Video Game Kraken

How to contact us

We (as a team, working on are available to contact via several mediums. For the time being, we can be emailed on If you prefer something a bit more instant, you can check our telegram, which is @io55net. From there is access to comments and a public chatroom for directly talking to us.

You can also donate to us directly through a variety of methods. Check out the Donation page.



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